Help with my headphones


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Got an expensive pair of Sennheisers - removable cable.

I've lost sound in one ear (right). These being Sennheisers - you can take apart fairly easily so I tried to see if I couldn't locate the problem.

The mixer-phone cable leads to one ear and then splits into two double cables - on going into one speaker, the other into the other.

I connected the cable leading to the working ear (left) - to the other speaker (right) - didn't work. I also tried the cable leading to the non-working ear to the speaker with the working ear - didn't work.

Now if the problem was the cable or speaker, one on the above tests should have given a positive result. Didn't.

I'm wondering whether the problem is with the main replacable cable - it costs a lot to replace - as much as some other companies phones. I really want to be sure before I shell out.