Help with identifying problems in the mix?


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Hey dudes

I've been serious about production for a little more than a year, yet my knowledge of mastering and even mixing is still very primitive. I'm working on a track titled "Glacier" (Melodic DnB) which I am very proud of and hope to get signed to a major label such as Monstercat or Adapted. I've been stuck with this track for about two weeks and haven't been able to do anything new with it due to school and things and I need a bit of help with it. I've been trying to improve my listening skills in tracks to find weak areas where I can improve the mix and I was hoping you more experienced producers can find some as well.

Things I have already been able to hear before making a new draft:

1) I may have too many elements going on at once
2) The beginning piano/bell is WAY too resonant around 500-700hz
3) I really need to adjust the reverb settings on the intro square pluck.

Thanks :)

(For anyone interested in the track its a seven minute long melodic/hard hitting, cut time DnB tune influenced by the likes of Madeon, Au5, I.Y.F.F.E, and Deadmau5. There are some slight variations to the bassline I plan to make but other than that I'd like to get a decent mixdown going)

Mr Fletch

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Id start off by losing some of the duration. 7 minutes is a very long track! Its almost 2 and a half minutes before the track drops properly, you want to aim for the 1st drop to happen around the 1:00 - 1:20 range otherwise listeners will get bored.....It's a proven scientific fact.

The intro sounds very warm and soothing, you have plenty of character in the track. And good dynamics. I dont think there's too much wrong with this mixdown if I'm honest. It has great dynamic range to it, and you have filled up the frequency spectrum nicely. If I was to pick holes in it then I'd say that I don't think the drums fit this style of track but that's more down to personal preference. And I hate those skrillex kinda sounds! They suck! (again personal taste tho)

Insta Q

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This track has great potential and don't see any problems in the mixdown. Good job man, but I would have to agree with Mr Fletch here. The intro is too long. But it all depends on you, maybe it's your style to make a long intro and maybe it's a good thing, but in my oppinion and taste I don't like the long intro. Good luck with the track!
You could maybe trim down a bit from the 1:32-2:12, or the 4:04-4:36 part, but moreso the 1st one. The people above mentioned the intro being kind of long; I don't personally mind long intros, but I guess if you want to keep the intro lengthy you could introduce some of the "Shrillex-esque" sounds earlier into the 1st drop.

Personally I think it sounds pretty good; overall uplifting track. Hope in the next draft you can find a space to do an outro to compliment the intro; that would make it longer of course but you could probably compensate by trimming the intro, or the part b/f the 2nd drop or w/e feels best for you, and it wouldn't need to directly mirror the intro anyway. I'd just like this sort of track to end on a more atmospheric note x3.