Help with AutomAte London nites

Hey all,

My AutomAte podcast is now in the iTunes store and I'm slowly expanding my network but slowly is the operative word. I've been wanting to launch an AutomAte club nite for over a year now but it's so difficult kicking off events in London atm. I've seen too many heavy nights on paper translate into small crowds on the nite and I think its safe to say that at the moment I can't offer anything more than the existing heavy dnb nights in London so can't expect a different result.

Have been having a bit of a think and obviously i dont wanna blow cash on a half-arsed night. Not to say I can't get or afford good dj's cos I've got some decent contacts these days but I just don't think enough people will take notice.

So I wanna run a few nights down in Bristol where dnb is easier to promote and the people are more up for trying something new, basically to allow me to get some experience & at the same time launch with some event photos and flyers so AutomAte won't be such an unknown quantity (even tho it'll be unknown in London, word will get around on the forums).

At the same time I wanna run some free bar nites in South London, maybe somewhere in Brixton but open to suggestions, the idea being that once I'm a bit more on the map, I can go to (for example) Corsica Studios and say something along the lines of 'I've bin running these successful club nites in Bristol and a successful bar nite round the corner that now needs to expand to be more like the Bristol thing'.

Does anyone have an opinion on this? Specifically, I'm interested in identifying some bars that are worth approaching for the London thing. Doesn't need to be heavy dnb all nite, cos obviously that doesn't work in a bar like it does in a club. Would prob keep the dnb a bit lighter than my usual club sets and I def think some breakbeat would be a good idea. Does anyone on the network know who would be good to talk to bout the London end of things?

Any help gratefully received!!