Help with an old tape

Hi gang,

First post but needing help. I have an old tape from arouund 1996 that has some bangers on it. Problem is the tape is so old, fucked and listend to that it no longer works. As such, i am going to give the best description i can would really appreciate any help into getting a track listing for it or when it was recorded from.

I think the tape is a one nation/ badcompany/ nickyblackmarket

Side A) I remember that shy fX "bambaata" is mixed with "original nutthah" and then put over ray keiths "chopper" fairly early on (maybe 15 mins in?).

Later on in the set (35mins in?) there is a special tribute to Stevie hyper D (by blackmarket and congo natty i think) . Goes something like "me and you, you an me, ...xx...x...x...x.... this one goes out to the jungle age krew, we haffa get lively inside tha venue" (it then samples super mario and the bass drops).

then theres some wicked dark dnb with the mc shouting "early morning krew" over and over gain. I think some ram triology comes in. And then towards the end of the set dj zinc's casino royale comes in (mc sing "shes a lady, what a special day" or something)

SIDE B) starts with adam f's circles.

Thats all ive got but i will add to this as i remember more.

any help appreciated, thanks,