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May 30, 2008
Can anyone explain how I can make a standard synth make that "wub" sound so i can have just that one "wub" note and then use that however i want in a pattern in piano roll, as opposed to automating it to an LFO and setting the cut off to make it wobble at a set speed like every 2/3/4 steps or whatever.
umm if I understand you I guess you would create your 'wubwubwub' then edit it to a 'wub' and use it in a sampler. Haven't tried it exactly but that's my guess.
(the length of your 'wub' may decrease or increase for higher or lower pitched notes doing this tho...hmmmm...good luck)
thanks i might have to give that a try, i have a feeling you can do it using the envelopes of the syth or something but im not sure??? that could be easier than editing the sample possibly
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