Help please on bass line

Jan 28, 2002
Zoetermeer, The netherlands
y o u r j o k i n g r i g h arnt notes exept for the G goose, but you are so right :)!!

but Vaiocruzer , can you explain wot in fucksname you mean by jungleboogey ?? shit man

just find it out your own way man,

TIP: use the use c and b note under it ,use allot ""small secunde"" if you know wot im on a bout.
c,b,G# for example can be dark.

but i think this is a to seriuz answer for a bit of an stupid qeustion.


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Apr 1, 2003
Nottingham, UK
You mean The Jungle Boogie as in Pulp Fiction Soundtrack fame? Quality tune, but I'll be f***ed if I know (or can be arsed to tab) the bass line tho
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