help please... no audio unfortunatly!


gomby plz
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There is a wicked tune i haev loved for years.... it must be getting on 4 or 5 years old now? Unfortunatly the only audio i had was on tapes and they are long gone...

ok, on with the description...

it had quite tribal breaks in the intro at least, just before the frop it sounded like redman saying 'get ya ass d'up, d'up, d'up' or sumthing like that.... and then once it finally dropped it was a heavy single note of bass and synth for at least a bar, maybe bar and a half?

any help and i would be massivly greatful!

oh yeah, last bit of description... mickey finn and brockie (more so) used to rinse it a lot!

**EDIT** found audio, still no clue though! two minutes in... should be highlighted as track 4 on the video?

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