help please guys n gals


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Sep 10, 2009
Blackpool, United Kingdom
i'm setting up a business that designs, prints and delivers promotional flyers/leaflets in my local area.
i wanna aim this at sole traders and small business'. the area is Blackpool and the Fylde coast.
need suggestions for a business name and you're a creative bunch so serious suggestions will be accepted thankfully. obviously i expect a load of 1 line piss takes, i'm kinda lookin forward to these as well if i'm honest.
thanks in advance.
so far i've come up with
Balckpool and Fylde business links
The Fylde Post
The Grape Vine


hairy kuala
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Jul 17, 2009
Hold on....

there are girls on the forum? :teeth:

also i would go with "Blackpool and Fylde business links", mostly because I don't believe Balckpool is a place
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