Help out with this tune ive almost finished!


Human Dubplate
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First impressions, the vox don't sit well in the mix, they sound like they're in the wrong key or something, might be a timestretch issue, mixdown sounds a bit off, the bass sticks out as well and the drums sound a bit muffled.

Structure and progression is great though the tune could do with a little variation like little bits of breathing space here and there, but I'd definitely look at that vocal again, it's a nice sample mate!

The bright arp'ish riff that comes in at 4:02 and a few other times is out of key I think, it's messing me up in any case..


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yeah structure and progression are good, could use some interest in the breakdown. i agree that the vox are off somehow, but i don't have solid music theory background so i can't pinpoint it. the bass is a bit too at the forefront, and could maybe use some further processing to bring out a fuller/wider sound. maybe some further distortion and maybe stereo spread the high freqs of the bass. sounds like the bass sound is all alone...maybe a separate sub to help it out. and the drums do need some more brightness, their punch is pretty good though. overall not a bad sound at all, keep at it mate
Shit man you were right the arp was outta key, dunno what i was upto there. Yea i have no clue what im doing when it comes to vocal processing just looking into that now so hopefully can get the vocals to sit in better. Thanks for the feedback guys
Just a quick one, I think after the breakdown when the beat come in the with the bass the vocals get a little lost, I think if you duplicate the vocal track, pan one left and pan the other right and balance the volumes it will sit a bit better and the bass will be in the middle. Will also make it sound a bit wider and give more focus to the bassline. Another trick on one of the panned tracks edge it a fraction forward so its not completely in time with the other track. This also gives it a wider sound. Might be worth experimenting with it, it could sound completely guff but it might work you never know!