Help out an old vinyl head....

May 29, 2016
Been a djay for years now and always used vinyl up until a year or two ago when I got Scratch live.
Digitised all my records and used the timecoded vinyl. now looking for a hybrid solution which allows me to use my decks when I feel like it or instead use a djay controller. I currently have the DDJWEGO3 which was a present and it's easy to pick up and muck about with but lacking in other areas. Ideally I would have a hybrid mixer which has input for my turntables but also allow me to use it as a controller for when Im lazy.
Anyone know of something that would cover these requirements?
I don't know what kind of budget you have but the Pioneer XDJ RX has phono inputs and works stand alone also like 2 similar to a CDJ setup - it may even be compatible with the new RekordBox DJ and might be able to use the pioneer timecodes also?
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