HELP! One of the best songs I have ever heard...


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Apr 22, 2012
Hi, I remember a song from last summer, but cant find it anymore.
I just remember that it was so awesome that I could masturbate just by listening to it :P
Ok, all kidding aside, I think the name of the song could have been "Imagine"
and the lyrics was something like this (vocal - woman) ...

far away,
inside out

To categorize, I guess it would be somewhere in the liquid dnb or something like that (chill out drum and bass).
I you have any glimpse of thought about what song is it or where to find it, please share :)
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this is such a strange request

i find this happens frequently among id-seekers, and it should be our quest not to question or to criticize, but to use our knowledge and insight to help those who are in need.

sorry mate, dont know the tune.
Yea, you know the song is so awesome and it's hard to describe a beat or something,
so it doomed to be strange...

don't you mean chillstep? :teeth:

Nop, I'am not a fan of dubstep or anyhing like that. I love chilly dnb - you know something
you can relax on and just forget about everything else...
This song, I 'am telling you, it so good, you wouldn't believe your hears :)
OMG thank you so much, this is it, only I was referring to the original song,
but thank you, thank you, thank you anyways...

Haha wow I win.

Just so you know, all I did was search "Imagine" on the Drum & Bass Arena download store :lol:
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