Help needed with burning CD's for CDJ 200's....


Aug 15, 2013
Was planning on burning some mp3 files onto cd's for a set weekend as I have a feeling that 200's won't be compatible with any other music files,

Itunes won't play some of the mp3's, tried google, it's saying to open them in quick time player then convert somehow, which is where I get this message

Error 2048 : couldn't open the file "insert D&B track here* because it is not a file quicktime understands.

These certain mp3's will play on the "groove" application and windows media player, and on Pioneer CDJ 2000's......

Not willing to use WAV files or anything else as I don't think the 200's will be able to play them

struggling with this one, help please :mad:


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May 23, 2008
Just burn Audio CDs, you'll have no issues then, plus MP3 CDs load really slowly in my experience.
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