Help - Midlands


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Hiya.... typical begineer stuff... im tryin to make some d'n'b, on reason.... ive spent some time expirementing, ive watched some tutorials and practiced, and been reading stuff.... but still need some help.

Bit like when i learnt guitar, i dont think anything helps more than being shown things... with guitar it was easy - friends played and even had a few lessons. But I dont know anyone to help me on the way with this, and like i say ive tried the above.

Ive sorta worked some bits of reason, managed to get a short drum loop sorted (well badly sorted).... but need some help to get me on my way.

Anyone prepared to hook up and share a few hours to help me.... i live in the west midlands....

Seems abit mad,,,, and im not some nutter of the internet,,,,

hope someone can help, cheers