DnB help me with this tambourine beat....

hay can you help me with this tambourine beat....

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Michael Jones

You know your pretty desperate when you need to post a thread for help? You know that classic hi hat - hi end - tambourine combo that just keeps rolling on drum and bass... The hi end - the everything else in the beat after the snare and kick... That Beat.... The tambourine beat you can pick up in a Bob Byrd hot pants extended beat sample... that same sound you can hear in the Rob Base "it takes two track..." That same tambourine hi hat mix in - The Prince - Shelia E "Love Bazaar..." Anyway I want to get that beat. I took this guys beat - Aquasion - from - Respect The Game... and it's brilliant and I sampled it and Slowed it down and was just blown away... because it gets crazy! crazy! crazy! deep!

Anyway - anyone know how to get that tambourine beat - how to not sample it as a loop - but - how to build it up from scratch with a sampler? or a keyboard or a drum machine... to get that cool hi end clicking in most drum and bass tracks?

This has been the one thing really holding me back from really producing the music I want to produce..
anyway if you got answers or instructions or links.... hit me up !!! at michaeljonesinlosangeles@gmail.com..

Any secrets or true wisdom is appreciated.. best - mate.
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