Help ID'fying a ( unreleased? ) remix of L.T.J. Bukem - Horizon

Discussion in 'Tune ID's' started by Capitanspam, Jun 4, 2010.

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    Jun 4, 2010
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    Hi people, this is a cassette mixtape ( i mean, i think is not a entire album of some artist ) wich first and second track I'm trying to identify since a lot of years ago.

    I know the name of the some tracks, like B. goldie feat. charlemagne - angel (peshay back from narm mix) , "a guy called gerald - so many dreams (aquasky full mix)" and also "flap - beautiful". All the tracks are into the recopilatory "This Is... Drum & Bass" (vol. 1). Good stuff btw ;)

    Here the link to the ripped cassette. :

    lot of thanks in advance, and don't be naughty, it's my first post!