HELP!! i need to know where the parties are...


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hey everyone, im from australia, and am leaving in a cpl weeks to travel round the world...i'll be finalising my itinerary soon, and wanna know if there are any big events on so i can try and work the dates around them.

If anyone knows of any good events in the following places and time frames, please let me know!!!

~ Vancouver --> dec 16th to early jan
~ LA, Vegas, New York--> early to mid jan
~ Belfast --> mid to late jan
~ Barcelona --> late jan
~ Amsterdam,Paris,Switz?,Germany(not sure where-suggestions?) and Prague-->late jan2late feb(these places/dates flexible coz taking eurorail)
~ London --> early march

i'll be in Vancouver for New Years Eve at this stage coz my travellin partner wants to be there with her there anything good on? prefer an event with lotsa dnb, maybe a bit of somethin else...

if theres nothing good in, or near VC (maybe Seattle) i'll try my hardest to convince the others 2 head to LA a few days earlier an go 2 Together As One...Dieselboy, LE, ED Rush&Opt,Zinc, Paul Van Dyke...BRING IT ON

thanks for any info u guys can provide!
cheers, abbie