help (for all(?))


Apr 30, 2003
I have been into my raving for years but without paying notice to what the tunes were, and gave more effort into having slammin' nights out rather than getting bogged down with aw 'this is a tune' OR 'wait til you hear the remix of this one' etc.. but as a dj new to the scene, just requesting any tracks that dnbforum-ers beleive i cannot have missing from my collection in order to be a respectable dj. I know a lot is down to personal taste but headz youknow, seeen.

:tehpepsi: (reprazentin the tunes, ya dun know)
mm, i can see your point, but since it really is a matter of personal taste, can you tell what style you like best? Like some proper aggressive hardstep (digital, dylan etc etc) or some techy shit (Black Sun Empire, Kamanchi yadda yadda)....or maybee some liquid mellowness?
The rave isn't complete without Dillinja - Twist 'Em Out (Skibadee Remix) - Available on vinyl and CD from TOV Music :spliff:
Some random dancefloor destroyers:

Ray Keith - Sal's theme
Mampi Swift - Rebirth
Gang related & Mask - Concentration
Firefox & Survivor - Back out of Dis
DJ Hazard - Radius
Baron - Channel X
Twisted Individual - Light years remix
Twisted Anger - Twisted
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