Help! Beginner needs basic advice!!


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Hi Guys,

First post......

I have been a fan of DnB for years and now have a bit of cash to buy some gear to give it a go but none of my friends are into this so you are my only place for advice....any advice gratefully received!

Basically where do I start?

I already own a PC laptop that is quite fast so what else do I need to begin making music? (basics only at first, but want decent quality/expandability). I am looking to produce the more melodic DnB maybe with a bit of sampled female vocal if poss.

So I guess I need a midi soundcard, production software, controlling key board? Do I need a drum machine, expensive keyboard??

Basically what a re the key bits of kit I need and how much should I pay?

No doubt this has been asked before, apologies.



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You need a fairly good soundcard, just look for one for about 100 quid and a midi keyboard - again a 100 quid minimum plus software. Start with Fruity Loops. That's all you need for now.


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tbh although a good soundcard is a great thing to have... it shouldnt be at the top of your list of things to get.... especially if you dont have decent speakers

ALL you need to start out is some software, as dustek said FL is a good bet and comes with all the samples, synths and effects you need to get started, you can build up the rest as you go along.... its a good idea to learn what youre doing before you start splashing money about

as you progress you probably will want to beef up your system, thats when you should look at decent soundcards, and as you want to record vocals youll want a decent mic, and of course a proper pair of moniter speakers

midi keyboards are not a necessity, i dont have the right lead to plug mine into my current setup and its been that way for ages.... im happy enough writing/drawing my melody's ;)
well the first thing io ever made a beat on was music 2000
on the playstation then after about a month went and bought an old pentium 2 at a computer fair for 120 quid and started with fruityloops and used cool edit to make my samples.

oh those where the days :typing::typing::typing:


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well i produce on my laptop with onboard sound card and desent pair of headphones nothing special.( most soundcards are capable of cd quality sound)

The sound card issue -

i guess is more about how versitile you want to make your pc with the hardware you will use in your studio,( i dont have a studio just a laptop and headphones) i.e how many inputs and outputs you need in your studio.

latercy plays an important role here- its to do with how fast inforamation is passed between hardware, if your using hardware you need a very low latercy, otherwise there will be big time delays in your sequencing and timming(structure) is very inportant in music

i think your just beginning, you should concentrate more on learning some of basics i.e. pick a production tool like cubase, fl studio, reason, logic ,protools ect and try and make some choons, when your startin off hardware wont really be an issue because you have to first learn the software and how to make choons,

the hardware issues come later on when you start perfecting your sounds because then your studio is limited to its hardware capability .

im learning stuff as well so this just an opinion .....

I wouldnt go out and just buy hardware for the sake of it ,,,,,,,unless your pritty sure you need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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