DnB HELP! any one help with the percussion in dub phizix's tracks and the reverb effect he uses?

Nov 13, 2015
About the snare, what I would do to achieve the sound you are looking for, I'd layer and process my snare as usual, then create another channel with the same snare with a bit of attack to remove the transient (you don't need to have the transient on the reverb channel since we only really need the reverbed tail of the snare) and add some reverb on that channel.

Here is a picture of a quick example. I added a bit of EQ on the reverb channel to atenuate the transient, faded the snare so it's playing only the tail and then added the reverb.
You should try to tweak the reverb settings (Dry/Wet, Delay Time, Size,...) to get the type of reverb you want.

Hope this helped ! (yn) Let me know if anything wasn't clear enough
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