Helloooooo there forum folk!!!! They call me the Doctor!lol :)


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Doctor BO is one part of Manchester's EQ Soundsytem collective, a talented group of DJ's, MC's and Beatboxers covering everything from Hip Hop, Dub, Dub Step through to Dr.BO's trademark filthy Drum n Bass (big ups to Mark (Kush), Nathan (NV), Jonny (Cousin Avi), Maria (Connectionist) & Ciaran (Drase)).

With the Doctor you can expect to hear some of the most tearing DnB around, always striving to bring a different sound, the Doctor is not your average Drum N Bass DJ. Not one for bashing out anthem after anthem, the Doctor searches for music from the most obscure sources possible. Focusing on the darker end of the DnB spectrum, but not shying away from any Sub-Genre that does damage on the dance floor, you're always guaranteed big hitters from the Doc.

Having played at various raves across the UK, being on the same line up as DnB heavies Ray Keith, Randall & TC at certain nites - the Doc is not shy when it comes to smashing it in the clubs & now here on Audiochemistry.co.uk!!!!!.

The Clinic with Doctor BO is his weekly show here on Audiochemistry.co.uk; every Sunday @ 7pm til 8pm

Clinical mixing, cardiac arrest inducing tunes and an excellent bedside manner - everything you'd require from a Doctor of drum and bass.......



Always one to promote new talent and unheard sounds, the Doctor wants to hear music from any up and coming producers (add to the MSN address below and get your tunes send over). ANY PRODUCER WHO SENDS THEIR MUSIC IS GUARANTEED TO GET AIRPLAY ON THE FOLLOWING SHOW AFTER RECIEVING THE TRACK.

Find EQ Soundsystem on Facebook here >>> http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=35611092196

Find Doctor BO on Facebook here >>> http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=21837562848

Find Doctor BO on MSN here >>> deejbo@hotmail.co.uk