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Nov 27, 2008
alright everyone, im jack aka Hektikz ( although ive instantly just seen someone else on hear using that name so i may have to rethink it lol! )
ive been mixing for about 6 months now, went to buy a drum kit as i sold mine when i started learning to drive and instead came home with a pair of stanton t60's and a behringer vmx300 mixer lol.
now im on a pair of stanton st150's and a behringer ddm4000 mixer which im fairly happy with atm =]
mainly into my jump up and darker drum and bass and also a fair bit of dubstep

hear is my most recent mix - http://media.putfile.com/Hektikz---Mo-Bass-Guvna
( excuse the track name, couldnt think of anything else lol )

if anyone fancy's listening to that any feedback would be grately appreciated =]
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