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    Hello, BJ here.
    I just started playing around with Ableton live, and decided to join here.
    I still know if Ableton is good software, however it seems rather newbie friendly.
    I was born in Denmark, Kalundborg to be specific, but I have moved around a lot in my life time.
    currently I live in a ''residence''(The English language do not have an actual name for it, it is pretty much a place where 13 - 21 year old live, together with social workers. They are mostly used for teen criminals, however I live here because my mother got tired of seeing my lazy arse.), it life is fairly good, I decided to start doing DnB since I would like to do some of my own music, rather than listening to the same old songs. It is harder than I thought. I lack recording gear for recording the drums, however my residence all ready have a recording studio, without any equipment, funnily enough.
    I guess this was pretty boring to read.
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    Not at all, welcome!