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    Stumbled across this form today while searching froogle and decided to join. I love music, i listen to everything really. out of all the genres id say Hardcore, DnB (Jump Up), Dubstep and Hardstyle are my favourites.

    I have been mixing for a little over a year and still loving it. My first set of decks were Pioneer DDJ Ergo which was used with virtual DJ.

    After using them for 3 months i wanted a bit more of a challenge so i went and got 2x Pioneer CDJ 900, 1 Numark M6 Mixer and 2x KRK Rokit 8 Monitors (which is my current set-up).

    I mostly mix Dubstep, Hardcore and a little Jump Up.

    And I also do a little producing although its still new to me, i have a midi keyboard and a pair of M-Audio Av 40 speakers, using Ableton Live and NI Massive, which i am still getting use to.

    I am currently working on a Jump Up track which i will share with you all as soon as it is finished.

    sweeeeeeeet :)