Hello everyone. My name is David. Im 31 and if you had told me six months ago that i would be sat learning how to make dnb now i would have fallen over laughing. Dont get me wrong i love it as much as the next basshead, always have. I just always thought that i belonged firmly facing the speakers!

Turns out i was wrong and here i am. I'm already intimately familiar with how much time, patience and hard work are required. If you dont believe me just ask the dark circles under my eyes. Im way too far down the rabbit hole to turn back now.

I did have a boatload of questions but after looking around for a while i quickly answered them. I think im gonna like it here.
if its cool I may occasionally harrangue some of you old timers for advice on something specific if i cant figure it out.

i look forward to hearing your tunes and hopefully it wont be long before im playing you one of my own.

Ill apologise in advance for any typos but im trying to do this on a tablet and ive got hands like pigs tits.