Hi Guys,

I run an apparel company out of Toronto, Canada called Drum N Bass Culture.
I'm not trying to make a quick buck, I do this purely out of love for the music, DnB runs through my veins. My soul purpose for DnB Culture is to promote the music, culture and the DJ's/producers who are hustling everyday to get their sound out there!

If your curious please check out my site http://www.dnbculture.ca

Also follow DnB Culture on Facebook & Twitter your comments are always welcome!

Every couple months or so I post new DJ mixes on the site for free download and promote the hell out of it through FB & Twitter.
If your interested in having your latest mix featured on the site please contact me through here or any of the Social Media contact in my signature below for more information.

And if you like my t-shirts and you would like to purchase, i would be more than happy to sell you one or two or ... ;)

Have a great day!


Junglist Souljah
G'day Junglee! Diggin the Tees.

I want to get some Tees made too, I have a bunch of Junglist tees that I have designed just need to get enough cash together to get em printed, I have a project page here, check it out.