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Ok then... I've been into DnB since I heard it on a 97.7FM (NYC) Red Alert Rap show in 1991. Only then it was called hardcore and Red Alert was dissing it I think. I only found out about what I was missing in late 1993 and even then I wasn't collecting it for real. I started going to parties in 1994 when all the good proper hardcore jungle tekno was replaced by this ragga jungle rubbish! And even then the ragga jungle was bound to small back rooms of large parties so it wasn't much fun even going to those. I thought Ragga Jungle was boring....I thought correct. But little did I know at the time that it would get much worse when Kenny Ken brought along "hardstep" and 'eadrush with his "tech step".

In the Late 90s I started collecting these 'ardkore records but then soon the prices went up to rediculus levels such as Finest Illusion which is 200 pounds on ebay. I think Ebay is the enemy of 'ardkore...... yes thats it.

Around 2000 I started collecting DnB again and I started to like it a lot. I highly enjoyed that retro sound that Total Science, Digital, Dylan, and Loxy & Friends were doing. That is up until 2003 when all of the nice "retro dnb sound" producers went over to the clownstep darkside or electronic heavy metal.

More recently I started collecting 1992 records again due to the fact a good friend of mine is selling his collection which is (was) more impressive then my own.

Ohh yes I forgot to mention.... There was this message board that I discovered in 2000 which was all about drum and bass. I stayed on that board for a while untill one of its pot head admins (there might be more then one..) started to get on my case. After that ordeal I switched to this board where Stuart was nice enough to sort me out with my own folders for the audio works I was "trying" to share on that other dnb message board.

Apparently people like my hardcore mp3 collection here. Why just last week someone sent me Manix "You Held My Hand" 12" in the mail (free) as a thank you for my online digital collection. Pretty sweet ehh?

I have other hobbies such as complaining, kirmesmodellbau, photography, and computerized entertainment lighting.

All of the above is probably not very interesting at all, but you might be interested to know that ID Software has Doom 3 out now, and Its all about blowing up zombies and demons. Unfortunatly it requires a lot of RAM. As a result I need to purchase more RAM just to play this game which looks very promising. :2thumbs:
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Hey 92... I've just joined this forum today and see your name on here in big lights, so I just wanted to say what up. You may remember me from the Discogs Mix Tournaments. I remember one of your mixes which was all original jams by yourself... that shit was impressive. We both share a love for the old skool 'ardkore. Anyways, nice to see you one here man.