Hello, world! :)

Hello :)
I have been registered in this forum for quite a long time but never actually wrote something. I'm interested in drum and bass a lot and I would like to discuss issues related to the music with other people. I like all the forms of dnb (liquid, neuro, tech etc.)
I'm a gril from a small town in Bulgaria and here I don't know anyone else who listens to drum and bass so when I talk to my friends about it, it's like I talk to them in Chinese. :D
I don't understand why there are few people who like dnb because that music is really great, inspiring and so on. Besides dnb, I listen to psychedelic trance, hardcore techno and dubstep. :) I like sport, hanging out with friends, drawing and mathemathics. ;D
I wanted to try producing music as well but I don't have that opportunity because all I can get is a programme like FL Studio, which is actually enough for you to make music, but it's a bit complicated :)
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gomby plz
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zomg, more girls on the interents!

only joking, hello and welcome to the forum! the prodcution section would really help you get to grips with fruity... and waffle is just pure lols... but take care in general, lots of trolls ;) and general ignorance (y)

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