Hello World would you like my sound...

Hey Im new around here but have been into producing, DnB/DubStep/ElectroHouse, for 15+ years, I thought about remixing or atleast remaking something I made on Acid Pro in 2007 and today I know abit more than I did then, so I remade my whole beat from a broken Acid project file and re-released it on my soundcloud page, I like all kinds of DnB, but my favourite style within the DnB genre has to be Techstep, souly cos of the length of time it takes to create something that benefits the sound of that genre. I have done mixes but fear people will be unhappy with me if I do so use anyone else's stuff for my own gain or mixing. I produce in my bedroom, Im hardly getting my music signed and published to masses but I would'nt like to be truly famous tbh, I just like music and creating music is my hobby but lets face it hobbies dont go past an interest other than through your own mind, unless you are a master at it from going through mind boggling torture of understanding something like music, but it all started when I was younger and I wanted to play the guitar so I got a guitar and now I produce music after being flung through time like the Xbox advert that was banned off telly cos It was sick....lol like my music...lol its all I've got that's a quality and I don't hard press them into myself.

Im here if you would like to chat but I get put off most things easily so dont expect me to write a poem and shit cos I dont do them, unless, you are a hot celeb like jennifer Aniston, no matter how fat she becomes I will do her till the end of time......(yn):cool::D;)

Im o_ODubMonFireo_O on soundcloud and here is a link...:twisted:https://soundcloud.com/dubmonfire :twisted:

Peace Ru;)
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