Hello There!!

Hi all,

Just thought I would drop by and say hello.

DJ Diztorsion is the name, and after a recent musical education and being a DJ across all the Harder Styles of Music for the last 6 years I am making the step into Drum and bass.

I have been a follower before, I lived in London from 93-95 and used to listen to Jungle on the pirate radio stations of the time..... but my love for the music has never really gone away (I always seemed to find my way into a DnB tent when at a big event!!!) and now I have the experience of playing out and gigging around the UK (as well as a couple of gigs in Holland ;))I have decided to make a go towards the DnB scene, firstly here in Plymouth and then hopefully across the rest of the country and beyond!!!

Sooooo..... I suppose the questions I should be asking are;

Who are the Hottest Producers around at the moment?
Which Labels should I be looking for?
Any Weblinks I should know about?
What about Producing DnB..... any links?

I am looking at playing the faster style of DnB, I have been playing Schranz for a year or so so need the music to be pretty fast; have never been into floaty music, its gotta be hard with an edge. Forgive me if I sound a bit "Old Skool" but I think it used to be called "Jungle Techno"???

Thanks in advance guys..... be gentle with me :)