Hello there!

Hello y'all!

I'm 'Unknown Artists'.
I started this idea because I wanted to shine a new light on these good artists, that do not have the audience they deserve.
I initially started this for all sorts of art. But music is the easiest to get the project going, so that's why I mainly focus on it.
I came here to share their music with you guys. And so, I'll give you guys an artist to enjoy, each day - as long as I'm allowed-.
I've started yesterday, trying to boost it. Now I've gotten a bit of content and a small audience, I can start developing the real idea and growing from day to day, promoting these artists.
Feel free to comment on the idea!

The concept is:
-Uploading music of the artist, giving him full credit and linking to his fansites.
-Featuring that artist for one day on my channel, putting him in the spotlight.
-Giving a mix of the uploaded artists every sunday, so people can easily hear what they like, and go find more of that artist.

You can follow it on the youtube account:
Or soundcloud: