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    Hello fella's,

    My name is Mick , Im a college student from the Netherlands here to see , listen and learn more about DnB.
    I am fairly new to Electronic music but I cannot get enough of it ever since I found out about it , Drum and Bass especially.
    I started out checking out Monstercat on Youtube after hearing from them multiple times. I expanded the labels and promotion channels I follow and now I am trying to find more awesome producers to enjoy.
    I am also interested in producing myself and could use any help this forum may offer , With my very slight experience with the genre I realize this is probably quite the challenge.
    Have been messing around with FL studio and Ableton Live and recently bought a MIDI controller.
    Favorite producers: Feint , Muzzy , Fox Stevenson , Laszlo , Itro , Khronos and numerous others.

    Could anyone tell me any stuff I should know (guide me around perhaps?) and what I can expect from this community? , All help is welcome :)
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