Hello my fellow mixing bretheren


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Another n00b question because i'm awfully shit.

So i think i need new needles.
I've been a little rought on the one's i have atm when it comes to picking fluff off them and shizzle.

I has these

and them.

I take it i only need to buy the 2nd pic right?
'coz them carts are still orite.

I want to buy different ones in teh future, but i have no idea where to start.
I know they go up, up and up in price. But that's as far as my technical knowledge goes :D

So let's just stay on the 1st point for now.

I have a Numark HS1 headshell if that helps. Bog standard business.

I take it i would have to unscrew the headshell to replace the needles yes?

Any help would be appreciated.

And sorry for the influx of n00bery, even after about 5 months, i still haven't given much of a fuck about the ins and outs of my decks :(


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Yes, you just need new stylii (needles, the second pic). The old stylus should pull straight off and the new one plugs straight in. You don't have to unscrew the headshell but it will probably be easier that way.

In the future when you upgrade I recommend Shure M35X cartridges. No doubt someone else will say M44-7s or M44Gs instead, but don't bother, they sound shit.