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    Hi guys,
    great forums over here, I already posted several times, but now introducing myself with my new mix, hope you'll like it :)

    MindGroove, DJ from Czech Republic.
    Since he was 7 he plays drums, listens to rock, grunge and funky. He turned to listening to electronic music in 2006 starting with liquid funk drum & bass continuing through breakbeat and house to dubstep, which he really became a fan of. Soon he found dubstep as well as dnb scene spliting in two streams, „mainstream shit“ and less known but progressive ways of music.
    MindGroove started djing in 2009 and formed his minimal deep rythmical sound. He has also made several tracks but as a perfectionist never had enough courage to publish anything yet. Coming with deep mixes he started Duneni.cz (basslines) crew, which brings new fresh sound to local environement.

    Favourite labels: Shogun Audio, Dispatch, Critical, Neosignal, Exit records, Metalheadz, Hotflush Recordings, Deep Medi Music, Hessle Audio, Blackout, Z-Audio, EXTENT V.I.P RECORDINGS, Esprit recs., Owntempo, DMZ, Tectonic, Cyclone

    Favourite artists: Alix Perez, Pinch, Rockwell, Data, Icicle, Skeptical, Octane&DLR, Fathom, SP:MC, June Miller, Speactrasoul, Joy Orbison, Break, Silkie, Synkro, Commix, Hybris

    NEW MIX:
    New alien sound drum and bass mix, which I believe brings something fresh on scene as Inception Audio label does, that is why it is dedicated to its producers. In the mix there is a lot of funny spoken parts token from various documents about UFO, some of it is also in czech. Share it, cooment it, follow me, hate me....whatever you like. Enjoy!

    Download Mirror: http://duneni.cz/mixes/MindGroove-UFO(June 2012).mp3

    Enei - Dustclock
    Sunchase - Warm Space
    Data - Prgonosis
    Data & Dynamic - dead rising
    Pessimist - hydraulics
    Fathom Audio-Inject The Formula
    Basher - Transmition
    Alix Perez - State 808
    Hybris - Macrophage
    Amoss - Footloose
    Need For Mirrors - Donuts
    Spectrasoul - Organiser
    Icicle & Nymfo - Franky Mountins
    june Miller - Snapcase
    Mindmapper - Respirator (June Miller remix)

    Thank you guys for all support!
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