Hello guys, I like making music n stuff.

Hello Forum, My name is Chris (I go by Blu-e too), I'm 15 y/o and I live in the state of Virginia. I'm new to producing music (started around may of 2014) and would like to continue making music. I have a big passion for all kinds of music and would like to make music for a living someday. I know my music will be poopy and will slowly improve over the years. I found this forum to talk to people about DnB since no one in my area knows about drum n bass, its either pop, rap, or country. I hope I can contribute to the community and learn some stuff from you guys aswell.


add me on steam if you want to talk n stuff

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well, posting in the production forum is a good place to start. If you're sharing your tracks though, make sure you're posting in New Talent and Track Reviews.
if you have balls the size of watermelons you could try out the waffle, but that isn't exactly contributing per se, more just wanking around
and the third option is you can just lurk around here and get your post count up by posting :welcome: on all the introduction threads
Good lucks matey

EDIT: Oh, and :welcome: of course