Hello, from VA, USA!

Hey everyone; my name's John (and I guess for w/e music I publish I'd like to go by Psonponic), and I'm new here. I've been listening to DNB on and off since '06, but it wasn't until last year I got serious and jumped into it and its relatives/offrspring/parent genres en masse. It's been a glorious thing. My influences stem mainly from the legends of the scene, some newer producers, some house music, old school hiphop, some rock and jazz, and classic video game music.

I started teaching myself sound design, composing, mixing etc. starting December last year and I feel after 6 or so months of hard hard work, I'm finally getting things to come full circle, even enough to hopefully start publishing stuff soon. My gear is nothing impressive; I don't use any of the fancy programs, have a crap computer and a Korg Nanokey2 for input, but I'm always prepared to make the most of what tools I have. Hopefully by being here I can share my work w/ a community and find other awesome artists, and who knows what can happen from here. See everyone around :)