Hello from sunny Brixton


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Hey All...

I'm a bass player from south London - I'm a Londoner born but not necessarily bred - been around for a while as a music journo but I've played bass guitar for 25 years so I'm finally getting there - I've just been getting into Logic for about three years and I've finally managed to knock up a little album that you can have a listen to here:


Now I'm in the process of getting into Ableton and converting some of these ideas into live things that I hope to integrate into a band setting - I'm going for a jazzy Squarepusher vibe - I hope to spend a bit of time here picking up production tips and sharing some of my tunes and getting advice from some of the wise elders of this here community which looks like it's buzzing.

Lastly I just added a new video to my Youtube channel - this is my first Ableton remix of a track I made in Logic - let me know what you think


Cheers guys