Hello! From IFX Music here in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada!

IFX Music

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Just signed up to the forum today.

Wanted to drop a line and say hi to all the people on this forum.

My names Chris, and I am a dnb producer, and label owner of IFX Music.

I have been producing for almost 9 years now, all different kinds of genres of EDM. But dnb has always been my love.

I am eager to meet other artist so we can share feedback, support, and ideas for track productions, marketing, promo, etc etc etc, helping each other push dnb onto the masses.

I also host a bi weekly podcast called "Into the Abyss" and am looking for artists to showcase, so if you produce

dnb, contact with me as I am looking for quality dnb music to share with my followers.


I am sure in time I will meet a lot of good people on this forum.

Peace and Love

Chris Z

~IFX Music