Hello from french riviera


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Hello everyone,

I just found this category to introduce myself, so here we go I'm Florian some people call me Flo, I'm turning 19 in a month, and I have always lived in the french riviera . My english is ok in writing I think but I could make some mistakes I prefer to warn you, sorry for that :p.
No one here in the French riviera has heard about drum n bass music ... yeah except house music nobody knows about dnb. Been a fan of bass music since a long time, I am kinda an EDM fanatic, I love all sub genres in dnb.

Started producing two weeks ago and found this forum, I have made two tracks at the moment, they are not perfect at all but I'm trying to put my ideas for the moment. You can find these on my soundcloud which is in my signature.

This website let's me know about new big tunes even if my followers on twitter are basically all drumnbass producers. I also love to listen to amateur tracks and read things people say in the "production" category.

Voilà, I dunno what else
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