Hello from Exile! News, Forthcoming Release and Live info


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Time for an update of what's been going on in the world of Exile, and what treats are in store...

The Exile website should be up and running in the next couple of months.

Hold tight for absurd amounts of audio downloads, including exclusive full-length unreleased hi-res tunes, clips of previous releases, forthcoming releases, live sets, studio jams etc etc.

There's also going to be a massive samples page, which is going to feature loads of my home-grown samples, edits, loops, jams, pads, atmospheres, textures, weird noises, reeses, basses, vocal jams and so on which all you budding producers will be able to download and use royalty-free.

I've been doing lots of work on my live show recently... my home-made improv machine is now coming out with some sick beats and noises, and the more practise I do the better I get at controlling them! Watch out for my manglage mix of mine and Evol Intent's new stuff which will be online in the next couple of days.

I'm now playing a residency down at the monthly Streetbeats Beatjam in Brighton, and there are a few gigs coming up around the UK soon (see further down the page), and of course there's mine and John B's tour of Australia in January 2005 which will r0kx0r!

And in other news... Sensible Footwear productions (my production company) is forging ahead and acquiring new clients by the month. In the next few weeks I'm going to be finishing off the theme tune and score for a new reality TV series on E4... more news on this and clips to follow. I'm also pitching for some other pretty exciting stuff which I daren't talk about yet!!

Oh, and if you hear some strange twisted electronica filtering on to your TV in the next few months, it may well be one of my pieces which is featured on a couple of new production music albums from BMG/Zomba...

For the London crew who may or may not have checked the Shhh exhibition at the V&A (you MUST, it's awesome, read more about it here http://shhh.vam.ac.uk/), I'm writing a piece to enter in the eleventh space competition. I'll be putting up a full-length MP3 of this track on the website when it's finished... I'm working on it right now and if I may say so myself it's sounding pretty special so far!!

I think that's it right now. Watch this space for news on the website.

Forthcoming Releases:

Tim Exile - Hanzo Steel Cuts ep - Mosquito
Exile - The Devil's Chimney/Exile & Evol Intent collab - Evol Intent
(clip just up in the DOA dubs page http://www.dogsonacid.com/showthread.php?threadid=217760&mode=audio)
John B & Exile - Broken Language (Exile Mix) - Beta
Exile - Face Cutter - Frequency
Exile - Spanner In The WorX - Amon Tobin Mix CD - Ninja Tune
Exile - Default Loser/Cut By Plastic


Temper-D & K-Fire - Project Mayhem - Leet
0=0 - remixes for forthcoming album??
Evol Intent - ???

Live Dates

July 9th - The Joint - Brighton
July 16th - The Joint - Brighton
July 22nd - The Fez - Reading
July 26th - Cargo - London
Various others tbc

Well done, good reading skills, have 5 gold stars for trawling right through to the end!!


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The 0=0 & Evol intent remixes are both tbc... we're just in the talking stages now. More news when it progresses!

Red Stare should be coming out soon on an American label... Dave Temper-D is the man who knows abotu that, as he's being doing the footwork. All I know is that the release is pending!!