Hello from Canada BC. LIVE DnB/Dubstep coming (hopefully) soon !


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Greetings fellow music lovers !!

I go by the production (and eventually dj) alias of Stilzkin and I've been into electronic music for 10 years or so, though only into DnB and dubstep the last three years. Started producing music almost a year ago now, though I've been a guitar and drum player for over ten years. I plan to use my guitar skill to play some live drum n bass/ dubstep shows using my midi accessable guitar to trigger synths (I can program each string for a seperate sound so I think it's totally doable) and hopefully get my drummer buddy to make use of his roland v-drums to lay down drums. To my knowledge nothing quite like this has been done before, there's Dirtyphonics but they don't use a guitar, or actual drums, they use pads and other trigger devices.

Any feedback about this idea would be much appreciated. Here's one I put together the last couple days. Please comment if u have time, and I'll check you out too !