Hello from Belgium

Hi everybody,

I've been reading the forum for over a year now, and learned a lot from all the information here. So, big thank you to everybody posting all valuable information :). I'm Joris, a belgian statistician, saxophone player and amateur producer. With the band Gadje Scum we try to mix different electronic sounds (DnB among others) with live instrumentation (guitar, trumpet, two saxes, didge, vocals). I've learnt Ableton through this site and others on the web, and by twiddling with birds sounds for a while. Was great fun, can tell you that (to be found on my personal soundcloud, gymnor). Still learning a lot, and hope I can contribute a little to the community too.

PS: I "admit", I'm on cloudkillers. I use that for feedback, I'm old enough to know those stats don't mean shite. Feel free to dislike it, and ignore the comments. If somebody can tell me how to link to a soundcloud track without displaying the comments here, greatly appreciated.