Hello fellow DnB Lovers and Enthusiasts alike!

Whats up everyone! My name is Soheil and I hail from the West coast of California :p . I like to play football and drink my dogs water... LOL enough about me and my sillyness, I will now go ahead and introduce my Record Label to you all! Soo stoked got HUGE HUUUUGE madness coming to you guys very soon! Here is the official Website ... oh the beautiful wonders of linking a page to a single word :') haha anyways yeah pretty much we are here to blow your minds with sounds of all sorts, emotions of all sorts and most of all shirts that can fill a 40 ounce pitcher to the brim with sweat from dancing soo hard... :p Here is our Facebook! Come join our nice little community! :p it's warm and we have a fire and cookies, someone ate the marshmallows so we have to drive a bit to town to a local ralphs to get hose but there then that, the weathers warm, the tides of sound are flowing gently, and the suns'a shinin... *walks into sunset with rainbows, kittens, and unicorns... hahaha! anyways! yeah guys! hope to make this huge! with all of the support and love from the fans!!! Much <3 Everyone

A little bit more about the labels I like, in no specific order, Ram Records, Abducted Records, and Subhuman :)

Edit- Dangit.. Our Official Website screwed up it was the free version even though i paid for hosting... ah well i will give it a go and actually work up a good final version of the page in the next week or 2 :p

All of my love,

I look forward to meeting you guys!!! :)
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