Hello Eveybody!

Hiya one and all it's good to be hear amongst People with decent taste in Music. I'm 36 and I love my DNB & Oldskool Hardcore especially all the Dark stuff! Love Scratching and Turntablism and will often drop a few Scratch Attack's in my sets. I'm strictly Technics and use Serato Control Vinyl as well the normal plates. I set up a group on Facebook recently called "Darkside Hardcore 92-94" so come join us if you like your Oldskool darkness.

Main influence has been DJ Hype who's scratching back in the early 90's got me hooked on the art of Turntablism. Last DNB tune that I bought on Vinyl was the Pressure 2004 remix by John B which has been missing from my collection for ages. I paid 99p! I used to do ton's of Pirate Radio bitd and played at some good Raves around the UK. More of a hobby these day's but I still love throwing down the scratches and chopping those Amens up and collect as much as possible of the decent Dark techy neuro tunes. Not a massive fan of MC's but each to their own. If you use Synch features then I'm not interested in listening to your mixes. Keep it real Bruv!

I aim to post one mix a Month of current Darkside DNB probably dropping a few classics here and there along the way. I'm a perfectionist and won't post up a mix I'm unhappy with so sometimes it can take a while for me to come up with the goods! I have a set posted recently in the Members mixes section so please go and check it out! Respect to all the up & coming DNB DJ's! keep it real but remember....

"It's not how good you are........it's who you know"