Hello everyone

Hi, , Basically i'm drum n bass mad, been into the scene for round about 12years, while passing through quite a few different genres of dance music as i've grown up i've found a true passion when it comes to drum n bass, alot of this down to my man who has spent the last 15 years of his life glued to a set of 1210's, the boy is talent but unreconised, but constanlty bein blessed with listening to him dj perfectly has made me quite critical when it comes to todays DJ's, tunes and the constant change of the way music is put out there. I love to talk about as much as listen to music. As well as DnB i love breaks with a little electro house thrown in, i've been finding my way around a set of technics for the last couple of years and i love it that i can now actually mix n blend tunes that i buy rather than gettin my man to do it for me. I also love buying vinyl and searching for rare old tunes as much as finding sikk new tunes and i still love raving, although i don't go nearly as much as i used to i prefer to go to smaller more intermate venues now and i absolutly love to dance.
That will do u for now i hope.xx