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Sep 1, 2008
before you take this post as spam only..which it isn't

we would like to take a minute just to say "Hello!" and get that out of the way...

who are we?
No Face Nobodies. That is until you take a minute to listen to our music.

What's our name?
Point 9 Audio.
We're not new to the release music gang. We've worked for labels in the past (Technorganic, Black Reign and 10.9) and now we decided to do something alittle different. Release music that we like and think people should be hearing and not just on the dance floor.

Who's on the label?

Decade, Nusense, Fluxem, Prime8, Will Miles, ZTR, Cuelock, Jett, Tanes and Chord and about 20 others.

Why such a big label group?
Because there is room for more and good music is simply just that good music. Why restrict a label to one sound? when producers these days are multi-talented in more than one genre

What styles?
Drum and Bass. and whatever the artist wants to release.


email> Point9Audio@gmail.com
aim> point9audio or bigworminc2002

Out This Week!



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Sep 22, 2008
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