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    Salé, Morocco

    My name is Ayoub Zaimi aka Azel, I'm an 19 years old student from Morocco,

    I really enjoy all types of Electronic music, I first listened to a lot of Progressive House, and then started to make my own tunes (at a VERY amateur level).
    I founded a Moroccan group called "Moroccan Electronic Sound" with two of my friends, we have a facebook page and we share our music and other people's music, we've recently started producing more tracks.

    I only discovered DnB earlier this year, and I fell in love with it; I especially enjoy Liquid DnB.
    Some of my favorite DnB artists are: 4 hero, LTJ bukem, Stan SB, Makoto, Calibre, London Electricity, Dj Fresh, and many more.

    Here are two of my recent tracks, please take in consideration that I'm still an amateur, but I accept all critics!
    Azel - Cubic (Original track) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H4A5Rcs-hU&
    Daft punk - Something about us (Azel Remix) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ4fVMHA82M&

    I make short films sometimes, and I do some photography.
    I also do some graphic design, I made the designs for the tracks.

    That's pretty much it!

    (I created this account a little while ago, introduced myself, and never used it again (I got really busy), I thought I'd re-introduce myself since I'll be around more often, hope you don't mind)
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    welcome man, if you've got calibre down as a favourite artist you are off on solid footing!