Hello Everyone My Name Is Jonnie!


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Hello peeps I'm 20, live in Bicester which is just outside Oxford and is such a shite place to live...

I'm originally from Newcastle but was born in South Africa.

I've been using the forum for a couple of years to download mixes etc, and used to get really annoyed when it said that i had to sign up to view any more pages. Mainly because I was banned from signing up by one of my friends until recently...

So i'm kind of new to the forum but i'm definately not new to DNB!
It's an addiction, I can't get enough of.

R.I.P Turnmills and The End , I had some wicked nights at these clubs.

I've absoultely loved music ever since i got my first mini disc player and since that day I don't think much time has passed that I haven't been listening to Music!

I'm not gonna bother listing my favourite artists because it'd take too long.

I don't have any decks yet but it is gonna happen sometime real soon...

Big up to the one's like BoudiCat, Mikey P and riisu!

Dan M

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bicester village = wicked shopping also mini disc players were the bomb, shame the ipod smashed them into an early grave. welcome