hello everyone! i'm Vekt.


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I'm Lewis (aka Vekt)
non restricted DNB producer and resident DJ

still learning the ropes with production which is why i thought i'd join a dedicated forum.
DNB has always been a consistent genre throughout my life although i am new school fan of artists such as Camo & Krooked, Nero, Spor, Sub Focus, The Qemists, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, High Contrast Etc.

I started using FL studio 8 back in the day. i got pretty confident in using FL but i'm not musically trained so areas such as EQ'ing and mastering were my downfall.
I moved to Logic Studio pro 9 and i'm starting a fresh. slowly gathering all my samples and experimenting with VST's whilst trying to conquer that industry standard production level.

My first track produced on Logic is posted below if you want to see what level i'm at. feel free to leave on a comment if it sucks or theres parts you would like expanding on Etc. criticism is always welcome.