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    So this is my introduction...

    I'm Mute-atioN, I'm 26 years old and regarding D&B I'm your regular bedroom producer. I live in Leipzig in Germany. No, it's not so close to Hamburg where PHACE come from. It's a city of appr. 500.000 people with lots of students and former citizens of the GDR (east Germany). Being a student myself, I have to admit that D&B is quite underrepresented in this Area. Some labels exist as well as a small Bass Music scene. One record label I really like is Alphacut Records... if you want to know more, just go on. There's lots to read for you below ;)

    Why did I join the Forum? How did get involved with music in General?

    Well, I joined the Forum to communicate with others about D&B, of course. And now I'll better tell you a story about me (after that I will come back to D&B):
    As a small child I had no desire to make music and my parents wouldn't have been able to pay for instruments and music education anyway. Sometimes I got a grip on an old bass guitar. But with an age of under 10 years and no experience it must have sounded like random nonsense to others. I had great fun :)
    When I turned 13 things looked a bit different because the bass guitar I knew from my earlier childhood was handed over to me. My parents had a party or sth. A friend of them - who had borrowed the bass for quite some time - returned the instrument to my father (who doesn't play himself). Remembering the good old times I got eager to a)posses that thing and b) to learn sth. ASAP. Because I wouldn't stop nagging I finally got taught. It was some bass riff from a Nirvana song (who would have guessed :D). I liked it so much that sat down for 3-4 hours while the grown ups had their celebration. And then later at night I stood in front of my parents and played that damn riff, although my finger tips were hurting. I think they were quite impressed somehow. So i got new strings for the bass and a book+CD (a teacher wasn't an option) and a small amp. It took me 2 weeks to get through this one because it didn't use notes but tabs and the didactic concept of the book made me easily advance in the art of "Easy Rock Bass". Great fun and I soon played in my first band...
    ...after having played in lots of different bands (thrash metal, metalcore,punkrock, pop, chanson, jazz, top 40, funk) I met one crazy drummer - who eventually became one of my closest friends. We played in a sucky pop band together and after the band was split up by the singer we decided to do sth. cool and started a D&B band in 2008. He had already experimented with playing Drumfunk grooves and Jungle, while I had (and still have) a vivid memory of playing to a CD album by Hype & Zinc. The Super Sharp Shooter was really cool to play on a bass. So I bought some FX pedals and fooled around with that soundwise. for about 2 years we had quite a few gigs - some small festivals in czech republic as well! But the more we played the higher the standard for our productions became higher. And then it happened: i got this one DJ mix by noisia... can't remember the title but started with "The Tide" and finished with "Concussion" which was their first EP on Vision. Anyway, I was blown away by the aggresiveness and vitality of the set. Quite impressive for sth. that wasn't even played with "real" instruments. But it had a strong impact on our production because we started to write and produce our songs with computers now.
    So, I started music production about 4 years ago and so far I either produced for the band or I just fooled around with some early Dubstep clich├ęs. Now I'm not a regular member of the Band because I wanted to get deeper into Dubstep and release some tunes and all that. My drummer friend continued as "Bowser" and plays drums while controlling the rest of the music via Ableton. But since Dubstep became more and more about rules and about writing "DJ friendly" stuff i got bored. Not that there's anything wrong with DJ-friendlyness, but don't forget that I have a different background and I guess that's why try to put a twist in every song i produce. Being bored with Brostep, the "Dubstep vs. Trap" discussion, the "UK vs. USA" discussion and getting older, my taste in music changed. Before I liked Bands like Dream Theater, The Smashing Punkins and Pearl Jam and Dubstep had to be busy with wild mid-range wobbles to make my drunk brain go nuts. Now I have a favourite band (MESHUGGAH!!!) and I really like (Brutal) Death Metal, classical music and miscellaneous stuff and Dubstep as D&B don't have to sound "hard"... remember: Most Metallers don't even consider electronic music real music. I'm not one of them - and I'm no true metaller - but "hard" sounding music is not about overcompressed drums and randomly syncopated basslines - it's about Distorted guitars and blast beats and growls for me. Accordingly I'm most turned on by the deeper, and darker sounding tunes and that's basically why I'm here.

    I would love to have some tracks that would fit to the sound of e.g. Noisia's Invisible Recordings. But i need help with the basses. I kind of sorted the drums out by myself. but I'm not satisfied with the basslines and I often have trouble with atmo instruments. the good thing is that i managed to teach myself reading notes by now and building chords and stuff like that isn't a problem.
    I intend to show you what I have and hopefully some of you here can help achieving the sound I'd like to produce.

    If you really read all this I deeply thank you for your patience and I hope you didn't mind my sloppy written English.