Hello :) could you answer this please?


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Hello, my name is Shannon and I would like some help from all of you!

I am doing an A Level course on product design, making a camera. I want to create a prototype camera to be fitted onto drums.

I have a questionnaire that I want to send around to experts, so I can get the best advice on what to include.

My email is 08-page-s@ashbyschool.org.uk. If you have any other enquires, please do not hesitate to ask more.

Here is the questionnaire:-

1) How old are you?
a. 15-20
b. 21-25
c. 26-30

2) What gender are you?
a. Male
b. Female

3) Do you do any drumming?
a. Yes
b. No – I don’t like it
c. No – my friends do though, and I watch them play a lot

4) When you’re/ someone else is drumming, do you/ they try to take pictures of yourself/themselves/the drum kit?
a. Yes
b. No – I/they don’t want to

5) If you do take pictures, what kind of camera do you use?
a. A digital camera
b. A specialized camera

6) How often do you use the camera?
a. Every day – once a week
b. Once a week – once a month
c. Once a year

7) If there was a camera on the market that specialized in drums, would you be interested?
a. Yes
b. No

8) If yes, then where around the drum kit would you place the camera?
a. On top of the bass drum
b. Inside the snare drum (if the skin is transparent)
c. Sitting on the same pole as the cymbals/hi hat
d. Inside the toms (floor tom and other toms)

9) If this kind of camera was designed, what would you like it to do?
a. Just take pictures from various angles of the drummer or from the drummers perspective
b. For it to film what the drummer is doing from these angles, and for it to be projected onto big screens for people to see (at a concert)
c. For it to do both things

10) If this camera was made, would you want tit to be attached to the drum kit?
a. Yes
b. No

11) How much would you be willing to pay for the camera?
a. No more than £100
b. £100-£150
c. £150-£200
d. £200+

If you could answer my questions, I'd be very greatful for your help. Thank you! :D